CigarJack.net was relaunched in March 2007, and since that time we’ve seen some dramatic growth. Originally started as a site for my own personal reviews, it has since expanded into a multi-reviewer site. Our goal is to provide honest cigar reviews and information on topics that we feel interest cigar smokers.

About Jesse:

Currently living in Cincinnati, No-hio, I’ve been smoking cigars for about five years now and only over the past 2 years have a really starting to take the time to get to know and understand what truly makes a good cigar and to understand the different nuances that can be found in every cigar. I’m concerned about the growing Nanny Statism going on in North America and the witch hunt against smokers. My current favorites are the 601 Green Label, 601 Black Label, La Tradcion Cubana, Oliva Serie V, and the Casa Torano.

About Daniel:

CigarJack is happy to welcome its newest addition, Daniel Honigman. Daniel hails to us from Chicago, where he earns his keep as a business reporter. Only 23 years old, Daniel’s interest in cigars dates back to high school. His current favorites include the CAO Maduro, Perdomo Habano and, most recently, the Occidental Reserve Robusto.

About Jeff:

Howdy! Currently living in sunny San Diego where I have been a Deputy Sheriff for 17 years. I’ve been enjoying cigars for about 7 years, with my obsession starting a few years ago. Some of my favorite ‘go to’ sticks are the LFD El Jocko #1, Punch Rothschild Maduro Maduro, and lately, anything produced by Pepin Garcia.And, I’m always a pushover for Arturo Fuente.

About John:

Well, I am originally born and raised in St. Louis, MO area.  Moved to Austin, TX when I was 21, stayed there for about one year and then moved to central Florida.  I have lived here now for about 9 years and have started a family.  I married my lovely wife, (she is looking over my shoulder) about three years ago and now we are raising our first child, Connor, who is ten months old.  I work as a Finance Manager at a auto dealership, and have been there for 8 years.  I have been smoking cigars for about 10 years now, but I did take a hiatus of about 3 years, and have been back at it strong for about a year again
now. I guess I consider myself a Pepin lover, and a huge corojo fan. I love the med-full cigars with a ton of pepper and spice.  Well enough about me, onto the reviews!

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