Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon review

by Jesse on March 21, 2012

Some folks have regular drinks they pair with cigars. When I enjoy a stogie, I like to switch it up a bit between scotch, rum, bourbon and, most recently, beer. I’ll drink most of these with cigars, but to be honest, I’m not a regular bourbon drinker. My first real foray into the whisky world […]


Snoop Dogg launches Executive Branch cigars

by Jesse on January 16, 2012

Snoop Dogg has a line of toys, his own reality show and malt liquor. But can he be the next Jonathan Drew or Rocky Patel? Probably not, but Snoop’s launched his own line of cigars, called Executive Branch. Its first product will be the Executive Branch Cigarillos, which will go for 99 cents a pouch, […]


Brewery using cigar box wood, Cuban espresso to make a beer that tastes like Tampa heritage – The Washington Post

August 26, 2011

When a friend gave Joey Redner a taste of a beer that had been aged with Spanish cedar — the wood used to wrap and box cigars — he knew it was an idea worth stealing. The aroma and flavor instantly reminded the then avid home brewer of his hometown’s historic Ybor City and the […]

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A Quiet Celebration

August 25, 2011

Nothing like sitting back with a great drink and cigar to reward yourself for working hard and getting something you wanted. My private victory celebration is a bottle of Wild Scotsman Black Label a couple of choice cigars. I chose the Fausto by Tatuaje and a Casa Fernandez Arsenio. While I enjoyed celebrating with my […]

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Help Me Pick My New Job Celebration Cigar and Beverage

August 19, 2011

Well I just got a call that I got a new job. So I plan on getting something special to celebrate and would like some suggestions. I’m looking for a box of cigars under $200 and a nice beverage to pair with it. Cigars I prefer on the fuller side and I’m fond of rums […]

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Now Where Was I?

August 15, 2011

Well for those of you that still read this site, and for the few you that give a damn I thought I’d mention that I’m still alive. So what happened? Unfortunately the site had to be put on hold for a number of reasons. I was stretching myself too thin and had to concentrate on […]

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